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We offer a diverse and broad spectrum of real estate and asset valuation services. 

Our work mainly revolves around the valuation of:

  1. Motor Vehicles

  2. Going Concerns

  3. Furniture and Fittings

  4. Plant, Machinery, and Equipment

  5. Fixed and Movable Assets (Office and Domestic)

  6. Real Estate: 

    • Freehold and Leasehold Properties 

    • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

The valuation reports we produce are usually used within the following context:

  1. Insurance

  2. Liquidation

  3. Mortgage Security

  4. Portfolio or Sale Purposes

  5. Compensation and Litigation

  6. Owner Occupier House Allowance

  7. Auction Sale or Reserve Price Determination

The pricing of our services is governed by the Scale of Fees as provided for by the Valuers Act Cap 532 of the Laws of Kenya (The Valuers Forms and Fees Amendment Rules 2011).


Our scale of fees is as follows:

Valuation Fees Scale.png
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